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Why Opt for Outsourcing
Your Payroll Services?

Time Savings

Outsourcing frees up your time for core business tasks while our dedicated team handles payroll with precision and reliability.

Accuracy and Compliance

Our experts ensure accurate payroll calculations and legal compliance with labour regulations for your business.


Say goodbye to in-house payroll costs! Outsourcing saves money on salaries and benefits and eliminates training expenses.

Data Security

Our top priority is to use accredited data security and protection software to safeguard sensitive employee information from breaches.

Employee Self-Service

Our service prioritises convenience. With our employee portal, your staff can easily access payslips and more at any time.

Reliable Support

Our dedicated team offers consistent support, is ready to answer your questions, and resolves any issues you may have.

How Our Outsourced Payroll Services Support Your Success?

Reduce Payroll Processing Time

Save Hiring and Training Costs

Eliminate Compliance Penalties

Payroll Processing

No more late nights calculating payroll or keeping track with new regulations. They’re always ready, whenever you need them.

CPF (Central Provident Fund) Submission

The submission of CPF contributions is well-handled for your employees, ensuring compliance with Singapore's CPF regulations.

Income Tax Filing and Compliance

We manage the accurate withholding of income tax and other statutory deductions, ensuring timely submission to tax authorities.

Year-End Processing

This includes generating and distributing annual tax forms like the IR8A and IR8S, as well as preparing and filing the IR21 for employees leaving Singapore.

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